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Don't Worry Be Happy!

Each of us have been through hurt at various levels. Many of the external things that we go through we can handle, it’s when it hits home, when it’s a wound from someone close we often find ourselves not knowing what to do with that. In Psalm 55, David writes of betrayal being the “worst kind of hurt”.

Much of the stress in our physical bodies are tied to offenses that we carry. None of us are exempt from incurring injuries from others, however as believers we carry the Spirit of Jesus on the inside of us, and there are rich promises that empower us to overcome even the “worst kind of hurt”, betrayal. Pslam 55:22 says, “Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.”

We are to cast our burdens (our lot) upon the Lord. When we cast our troubles upon the Lord we are handing it over to the one who is equip to carry it. Who are you appealing to? We are to cast (send to someone in a higher position) our burdens, hurts, and problems on the one who is Supreme in all things.

Those around us should be helping and encouraging us to cast or commit our cares on the Lord, other wise we aren’t receiving fruitful help, because our solution is beyond natural human ability. Also in Psalm 55:22 it says that the Lord will sustain us, which means He will give us a portion of HIMSELF.

Jesus is the answer, our God is the great I am, He is present now. He is supreme over all other gods. He is always helping and the more we gain a revelation of his greatness the more we are able to talk to the burden/problem about His greatness and ability to display Himself in whatever the situation.

When we have growing revelation of His greatness and supremacy then we come into agreement with the end of Psalm 55:22 and our declaration becomes He shall not permit me as the righteous to be moved.



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