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What is the purpose of Life Groups?


God values relationships. He wants you to be part of a community where people support and encourage you. This is one of the aspects of the Christian life found in Acts 2:42.


Your faith has to be more than just between you and God. It needs to be lived out in the support, fellowship, and encouragement found in community with others.


LifeGroups focus on the spiritual and relational growth of each person. Mutual Care is vital to the ministry given and received in these lifegroups as they meet throughout the week at various times. Come join the fun!



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Frequently Asked Questions



What are LifeGroups?

ANSWER: Life Groups are groups of people who meet regularly to create authentic relationships, study God's word, and reach out to each other and the community through acts of service.




Where do LifeGroups meet?

ANSWER: In homes or at the church.


When do LifeGroups meet?

Answer: Most groups meet 2-4 times per month




What about my kids?

ANSWER: Childcare arrangements vary between groups and needs to be discussed with the group leader.




Why should I get involved in a LifeGroup?

ANSWER: You will benefit from being a part of a LifeGroup as you make yourself available to your fellow LifeGroup members, as both a willing giver and receiver of the love of Jesus Christ.




What goes on at a LifeGroup meeting?

ANSWER: Though each group differs in how they do things, most groups begin with a time of fellowship and food. They transistion into a Bible study, then rejoice with and pray for one another.

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