Jesus, Tiger, and Me

August 31, 2015

Yesterday evening at approximately 6:15 pm Tiger my dog and I were traveling down Interstate 40 (after picking up Tiger from my parents) listening to CD # 8 on Spiritual Warfare by David Jeremiah. I noticed about 100 feet ahead of me what appeared to be a thunderstorm, within seconds lite raindrops started to beat upon my windows as I approached the dark clouds ahead, shortly after this I was in the throws of heavy rain. 


By this time I noticed that the water had built up on the highway and almost immediately I began to hydroplane at about 70 to 75 miles per hour. This experience was different, from the beginning, from anything I had experienced before, I've had times in the past were I felt the car slightly slip to one side or the other, but this time had a whole different feel to it, it was has though I was on a big sheet of ice from the beginning. I knew almost instantly as the car started going in and out of both lanes that I was in for something that had the potential of being very hazardous. 


On the CD that I was listening to, David Jeremiah had progressed to teaching on the "Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God". He defined the Word as the Rhema, the arsenal of "God's Sayings" stored in our hearts for a specific situation. Well it could not have been more timely for me, as I began to lose more control of the Yukon, the words that proceeded out of my mouth in rapid fire was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, until I came to a stop, not before having done a couple of 360s and rolling over on my side and landing up right down a slight embankment perpendicular to the highway only a couple of feet away from t-boning the front end of the guard rail. 


In those brief seconds that seemed like an hour, my mind went to that place, "this could be it", "will I come out of this alive or in one piece". But as my mind made its calculations, my spirit "OVER-ROAD" it and spoke the word only, no other name but the name of Jesus, "all those who call upon the name of The Lord will be saved."


As Tiger and I road down INTERSTATE 40 yesterday evening little did we know that our third passenger, Jesus, would save us from what could have been a fatal accident. 
Thank You Jesus! 
Because of Him,

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