Ministry of Helps


We believe that God has endowed each person with specific gifts and talents. Each person is a unique creation of God's hand, and thus each of us is precious in His sight. These gifts and talents must be cultivated and used in order for men and women to live with a sense of fulfillment and destiny. The Lord has provided the perfect pattern in the Scriptures relative to the utilization of talents in His church. This vehicle or pattern alluded to is known as the Ministry of Helps. In I Cor 12:28 we read, "and God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then the gifts of healings, helps administrations, varieties of tongues."



Are You Unsure About Where You Should Serve?

There are a wide variety of opportunities to serve at New Day Christian Church. Whether serving within the church, locally in the community, or globally through missions, everyone is encouraged to be an active participant in the life of our local church.

Some of the ministry opportunities that are open to you...


Student Ministries

For: Children ages 3 yrs old - 5th grade.

Purpose of Group: Every week we seek God with an expectation...a desire to know Him more! Every service features relevant Biblical teaching designed to bring the personal application of God's word to the lives of students. We have a specific goal in mind: To help students become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Student Ministries Contact: Naomi Smith  828-433-8465


Praise Team

Purpose of Group: All Praise/Worship Team vocalists and musicians are expected to have a deep commitment to providing a climate for worship at each of our services as well as special events. Anticipate excellence in ministry and a heart of sincere and honest worship.


Worship Leader: Leslie McKesson 828-433-8465



For: Ages 6 months to two yrs old


Purpose of Group: We believe that even at a very young age your child has the potential to begin understanding basic concepts about God. We teach about our God using music, crafts, and play time. We are excited about the love that radiates from God's Word—and it is our desire for the light of God to shine in the heart and mind of every child.

Snacks: Milk or juice provided by parents is given on instruction. Snacks provided by parents will be given on instruction or a snack like vanilla wafers will be provided.


Nursery Director: Wanda Edmunds 828-433-8465


Purpose of Group: Provide quality care and facilitate a Godly and orderly atmosphere during any and all church services.


Head Usher: Michael Logan 828-433-8465


Purpose of Group: Providing a warm Christian atmosphere through housing and/or meals to various visiting guest ministers, guest speakers and facilitate food and serving at various church gatherings.


Hospitality Director: Carol Largent 828-433-8465

Sound Techs

Purpose of Group: Helping to facilitate all aspects of sound to help create an environment for the word to be delivered.  Setting up and breaking down all sound equipment for church services and special events.


Sound Tech Leader: Alton Hunt 828-433-8465

Safety and Security

Purpose of Group: Maintain safety and welfare of all church members and church property.


Safety Leader: Michael Logan 828-433-8465



Purpose of Group: Provide a warm, pleasant and welcoming experience to all new and returning guests.


Greeter Leader: Jeanie Logan 828-433-8465


Audio/Visual Ministry

Purpose of Group: To help facilitate praise and worship ministry by working computer to display words of songs on screen.  Facilitate the ministering of the word by displaying the Bible on the screen for the congregation to follow along as the Word is read.


Audio/Visual Leader: Beverly Carlton 828-433-8465

Media Ministry

Purpose:  To keep the word of God ever present in the life of the believer. Our team aspires to provide through media the opportunity for learning, review, study and inspiration.


 "So then faith cometh (is always actively coming)by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Romans 10:17


For: All members and guest.  CD's are $5.00 per copy or can be ordered in a series.


Contact: Judy Ecklund 828-433-8465

Alter Counseling

Purpose of Group: Minisiter to the needs of those who respond to an invitation to receive salvation, be filled with the Holy Spirit, receive assurance of their salvation or to become a member of New Day Christian Church.  Must be available at the end of service and be willing to stay later than the service to minister to the individuals that respond.


Alter Counselor Leader: Olga Propst  828-433-8465

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