Jamie Torres Photo

Pastor Jamie Torres Bio

Brother Jaime Torres was born Jaime Rafael Torres in Ponce, Puerto Rico to a single mom.  His parents are Maria Lopez and Jaime Rafael Torres I.  His father was a drug dealer whom he had never met until the tender age of fifteen.  His mother moved to New York City to be with her childhood sweet heart who she married. Jaime thought for many years this was his father.

Jaime grew up in the Bronx, New York. Both parents drank and they lived where there was poverty, deprivation, and constant despair was a way of life. His apartment was infested with rats and there was no hope. 

At a young age he became a member of a gang, sold drugs and went in and out of jail.  Young Jaime had never heard that there was a God.  He struggled for an identity.  Many years in the drug game placed him in and out of jail.  The federal government finally arrested and sentenced Jamie to 25 years to life in federal prison.  This is where for the first time he heard the gospel and responded to the call of the Shepherd. 

God used Jaime for many years in the prison to start churches and many souls were saved under his ministry.  He had the privilege to bring his wife Sonia to the Lord.  After eight years Sonia started the Church that had been birthed into Jaime’s spirit. 

After doing ten years in prison, God took Jaime out with a strong hand.  Brother Jaime Torres now started another church for the Glory of God.  Among the many things that God has brought him through, he has ministered in different places in the United States and elsewhere around the world.  He preaches the Gospel for the Glory of God. 

Brother Torres was chosen by congressmen Jack Kingston to represent South Georgia in the Hispanic Convention in Washington D.C.  He has preached for the congressman of Minnesota at youth rally’s and at different schools regarding drug awareness and Jesus. 

Brother Jaime’s realness has given him the ability to reach souls that many can not reach for the glory of God.  He serves as the pastor of Rios de Aqua Viva (Rivers of Living Water) in Jessup, Georgia.  Beside him for many years are his wife Sonia and his children Richard, Michael and Ashley Torres.